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Collateral Management Guide PART 13: SWIFT Messages for Collateral Management


The following SWIFT messages are standard for all collateral transactions.

Bilateral Collateral SWIFT messages
MT503 - Collateral Claim 
From: Collateral Taker 
To: Collateral Giver 
Purpose:  Initiation: Taker initiates a new or additional collateral request from the Giver. 

MT503 - Collateral Claim return  
From: Collateral Giver  
To: Collateral Taker 
Purpose:  Initiation: Giver responds to Taker's new/additional collateral request

MT504 - Collateral Proposal   
From:  Collateral Giver 
To: Collateral Taker 
Purpose: Initiation: Giver proposes new collateral 

MT505 - Collateral Substitution
From: Both   
To: Both
Purpose: Settlement: Either party substitutes new collateral for existing collateral.  

MT506 - Collateral & Exposure Statement
From: Both   
To: Both
Purpose:  Administration: Shows net exposure and details by collateral position

MT507 - Collateral status & processing advice
From: Both   
To: Both
Purpose:  Shows collateral transactions and status. 

Tri-Party Collateral / Tri-Party Repo SWIFT messages

MT527 - Tri-Party Collateral Instruction
From: Collateral Taker/Giver  
To: Tri-Party Agent  
Purpose:  Initiation: Giver notifies Agent of available collateral. Taker notifies Agent of collateral demand.

MT558 - Tri-Party Collateral Status & Processing Advice
From: Tri-Party Agent   
To: Collateral Taker/Giver 
Purpose:  Initiation: Agent responds to MT558 from either Giver or Taker.

MT569 - Tri-Party Collateral & Exposure Statemt 
From: Tri-Party Agent  
To: Collateral Taker/Giver 
Purpose:  Settlement: Shows net mark-to-market for collateral and underlying exposure and details by collateral position.



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